Who hasn’t heard of the popular hip hop star Kanye West? Even those people who aren’t into hip hop music at all have definitely tapped their feet and rocked their heads to the beats and lyrics of Kanye West songs. 

This world famous rapper has reached heights and stardom of such a scale that has never been seen in the history of the music industry before. Social networking sites like facebook and twitter are absolutely packed with fanpages dedicated to the artist.

But do not make the mistake of thinking that rapping is all that he does. The celebrated artist has also dedicated his life to help other musical artists establish themselves in the musical world. 

He is a well established American record producer and the owner of Roc A Fella Records. And this multi-talented man makes the use of his own drums and other instruments to create beats of his own for his signature style of music.

Kanye West has his own style of combination of music varieties. Most songs, which were produced and sung by him are well-known for vocal background music given. 

From classical to synth-pop, alternative and folk, rock, arena, hip hop, baroque pop, and even R&B, there really is no genre that this megastar hasn’t mastered. And he hasn’t just produced songs in these styles; he has truly become the undisputed king of them all. And that is what sets him apart from other hip hop greats.

But his story isn’t the saga of success coming from a few lucky shots. He has built his entire career by taking it forward one step at a time. Before he had even considered becoming a rapper, he had a passion for producing songs. 

He has been producing singles since the days he used to be in school and he released his first ever officially produced album called ‘Down to Earth’ way back in 1996. Even though the album did not create the buzz that he was hoping for, he did not let it stop him from continuing to go after his dreams. He started producing for some top artists like Goodie Mob, Foxy Brown, Jermaine Dupri and Harlem World

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His break came in the year 2000 when he produced a single called ‘This Can’t Be Life’, which was a part of an album by Jay-Z. The song was a huge hit and established his name as a trusted producer and musical genius in the industry. 

The very same year he went on to produce some other blockbuster singles like the drum beat song called ‘Xxplosive’, by Dr.Dre and albums like ‘Roc La Familia’ and ‘The Dynasty’. Jay Z went ahead and featured many of his sounds in his album called ‘The Blueprint’ which was critically acclaimed worldwide.

Song by song, beat by beat and single by single, Kanye West has established his success by putting in one brick at a time. And from his very humble beginnings, he is now at a place where not just his songs but every Kanye West music video and even Kanye West pictures, create tidal waves in the ocean of hip hop music.

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