Nicki Minaj Gains on Social 50 Chart

Well, Nicki Minaj is flying high than ever before! Just when we thought she wasn’t going make a major move anytime soon, the American rapper has proven us wrong. Apparently she has jumped eleven spots on the social 50 chart’ to number 11 after the release of DJ Mustard recent single ‘Don’t Hurt me’ in which she and jeremih also feature. 

The song exclusively bowed through Tidal on 15th June.

According to Next Big Sound’ chart-topping hip hop sensation Nicki Minaj gained 127% in Instagram reactions and 178 % in Twitter reactions in the tracking week which ended on June 19. A lot of that bump is as a result of her social media posts publicizing the song. 

Minaj even became topical during the NBA Finals that happened over the week rapping in the track on her third verse.

Meanwhile Nicki Minaj has changed her thoughts on gun ownership and rights and has used her Facebook page to advocate for meaningful gun reforms by congress. Her call to action is particularly striking, considering the content of her 2014 track, 

‘All Things Go,’ which comprised of references to haunting guilt she feels concerning her cousin’s death.

Nicholas Telemaque, the rapper’s cousin was in 2011 shot and left to die near his Brooklyn home in New York by unknown persons. He is also referenced in lyrics of her tracks from 2012, but not with the same amount of introspection and guilt on Nicki’s part that can be noticed in the song from 2014. 




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